Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Is Me #10

Christianity Nay

At what point do Christians stop obeying, word for word, what the Bible says? One passage most Christians don't follow is , 1 Cor 11:2-16, regarding head coverings for women in church. There are some churches (power to them) that do follow this tradition but most do not. Paul clearly states that women must have this head covering, yet it's a section of the Bible that is easily dismissed in most of the circles I've been apart of. The most common argument I've heard is that, "That was a cultural thing and it doesn't really apply to us now."

And in fact, this argument lines up with one that I've heard from a lot of non-Christians with regards to disobeying the Bible in its entirety. They argue it's outdated, it was written two thousand years ago, our culture is much more progressive now, etc. It has sections of it that are great, are used in weddings, but a lot of that hoopla is just not for the modern folk anymore. Obviously, applying the argument to this degree is not something that the majority of Christians agree with. But where is the line to be drawn? It seems like a very weak argument to say that part of the Bible can be flat out ignored in practical application but all the other stuff needs to be followed completely and in its entirety.


Farm School Marm said...

I always love seeing someone post in favor of a plain reading of 1st Corinthians 11. I'm especially happy to see a man do it! If men are our heads and hold the leadership positions in the Church, they need to believe the truth about this passage!

sam said...

I heard from PT when he was briefly explaining some hermeneutics during an old sermon that what remains constant are theological truths, while what may change are the applications of those truths. Head coverings now probably don't mean the same as they used to, just as girls wearing anything relatively form-fitting doesn't mean the same thing as it used to 60 years ago. But what makes sin sin in the first place is the intent and heart of rebellion, so like you posted in an earlier post, anything can be a sin. Wives submitting to husbands are a theological reflection of their purpose and reflection of the Trinitarian submission of the Spirit, but how that looks like today might be different than 500 years ago..

I don't know anything. lolol

Trinka said...

I have long practiced head covering, and have had many other sisters tell me they've felt convicted to do so, but feel self-conscious. It's good to see someone writing about it.